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Georgia Metal Finishing

The Georgia metal finishing experts at Impulse Manufacturing manufacture and supply parts to customers with a variety metal finishing options. Depending on your application, you may require plated parts, e-coated parts, powder coated parts, wet painted parts, Carc painted parts, or parts with some other surface finish. At Impulse we manufacture and supply parts to customers with a variety of surface finishes. Many of these processes are controlled internally at Impulse, and for the items that we do outsource, rest assured that Impulse only partners with fully-qualified vendors.

  • A-Coat +

    Impulse just announced that we will soon offer A-coat (Autophoretic®) finishing system system at its Dawsonville, Georgia facility. The finishing system has an 11 stage pretreatment process that includes acid-bath and pickling stages for carbon edge removal, Autophoretic application, and other cleaning stages of the process. A-Coat is a water based process that uses chemical reactions with the surfaces of ferrous objects to deposit the coating. The process enables heat resistant ferrous metal parts to be coated without depositing coating on non-ferrous pieces. Call Impulse Manufacturing today for the details on this new finishing service.
  • Powder Coating +

    Impulse Manufacturing has been providing commercial powder coating services since 1999. Our powder coating facility is fully automated, equipped with CNC controls, and features a 5 stage pretreatment wash system. When it comes to Powder Coating services, Impulse has the personnel and processes in place to ensure you receive the highest quality finish, part protection, and paint durability. The chemistry in our “baths” is monitored on set intervals to ensure that all parts are cleaned properly prior to powder application. Many of the coated steel parts Impulse supplies are subject to harsh conditions. We have the expertise needed to effectively coat automotive parts, parts located near the coast where salt content is high, and other parts exposed to chemicals such as fuel and other abrasive chemicals.
  • Plating +

    Do your parts require yellow zinc plating, clear zinc plating, or even black zinc plating? Impulse Manufacturing supplies thousands of parts annually that require zinc plating with yellow, black and clear passivates. All parts are RoHS compliant with an ISO 9001-2008 certified process. In addition to zinc plating we can also supply the following coatings; manganese phosphate, zinc phosphate, electroless nickel, passivation of stainless steel, electro-tin plating and chromate conversion on aluminum.
  • Spec +

    Impulse Manufacturing offers additional part finishes as well. E-coat or electrocoating is also a common finish for us. Corrosion resistance for e-coated parts often exceeds the corrosion resistance levelof other coating processes. The e-coating process is economical and provides excellent coverage, adhesion, and corrosion resistance. This process can be used on zinc, steel, brass, aluminum, or virtually any material that conducts electricity. Are you in need of Carc paint? Impulse has been supplying carc painted parts for many years. We have experience supplying carc painted steel parts to subcontractors and government agencies. From production on-road and off-road carc painted items to lower-volume military steel parts, we have the experience required to effectively work with Carc paint. Please contact us with any carc requirements you have. We look forward to working with you.
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